Monday, October 5, 2009

14 August 2006

Three days after that horrible night Dane had over come the liver infection and all his organ functions were slowly returning to normal. He was still very critical but at least he was in a more stable way.

15th August 2006
Day by day Dane's condition deterioates even more. He is starting to swell up with all the fliuds that are being pumped into his body. He's staying stable but I wonder for how long. I feel so frustrated with the whole situation Dane is not going to survive without an operation. But to do that operation the medication will properly make him bleed out in the brain. We are stuck between two rocks and I can't see a way out, not with Dane alive. Everytime I leave him I whisper in his ear to not let his heart stop- just don't let his heart stop.

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