Thursday, September 24, 2009

21st July 2006

Dane had survived the journey to the RCH and by the time we saw him he was hooked up to so may tubes, wires and monitors you could barely see him. The nurses were so nice to us, explaining what everything was doing to help Dane and all the while I was wondering when this nightmare would end.
The blood cultures still hadn't "grown" anything that could help the doctors find out what was wrong with Dane, apparently it can take up to a week. They had also detected a heart murmur which needed to be checked out but we were assured that heart murmurs in newborns were fairly common.
About mid-morning a cardiologist came from another hospital to do some tests on Dane. Afterwards we were told that Dane had an infection in his heart, not in the brain as originally thought. I didn't know if that was better or not but it meant another move to another hospital that specialized in paediatric cardiac care. But Dane was too unstable to move, his heart was stopping every ten minutes or so, because he had a complete heart bloke on the aortic (left) side of the heart. Finally late at night the transfer happened and again we drove to another hospital not knowing if Dane would make it through the transfer. At least this hospital was a little closer to home.

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