Tuesday, September 22, 2009

20th July 2006,

In the last 24 hours Dane had become increasingly sleepy and not feeding very well. At 6 o'clock that evening we decided we needed to get him to the hospital which is only 2 minutes away. Just as we were getting him ready Dane had a seizure, knowing I would get to the hospital faster then an ambulance would get to us I rushed up there.
We were admitted into the emergency dept. immediately and just as I got Dane onto the bed and was undressing him, Dane crashed!
He was having seizures all the time and he had stopped breathing. For the next four hours everyone was working desperately to save his life. I can't remember alot of this time, I went into shook but I will never forget the nurses picking Dane's little limp grey body off the bed and onto the paediatric warming bed. They keep asking if I understood what was happening, medically I did but I couldn't understand how this could be happening to my perfect little man.
When they finally had him stable enough to move to the Royal Children's Hospital, he was in an induce coma and on life support. The doctors told us that they really didn't know what was happening to Dane. He had a swollen brain, a very high temperature, they seem to think it was possibly Meningitis but until the blood test came back they couldn't be sure. But they were very sure that he was critically ill and may not survive being transported to the Children's hospital.
Unfortunately we couldn't be in the ambulance with Dane so my husband Shaun and I traveled to the hour long trip to the hospital not knowing if Dane would be alive when we arrived.

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