Saturday, October 3, 2009

9th August 2006...later that day

During the day the we had a big meeting with all the professionals who were working on Dane and basically we were told that the deterioration in Dane's heart from the infection meant that his aortic valve was literally holding on by a thread and the wall of the Aortic artery was so thin that it was ballooning out and could rupture at any moment.

There was nothing they could do fast enough to save him and if they attempted to he would be left profoundly brain damaged. They were asking us for the right to let Dane die.

After a lot of crying and talking we too came to the same realization and a 'No resuscitation' order was signed but only if his heart stopped not his breathing.

Sign that piece of paper was the absolutely hardest thing we have ever done. The realization that your baby was running out of options was so difficult to absorb. The pain cut so deep and I felt that I was failing him.

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